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This Week

The Sunday school education I received in the 1960s was highly conservative – being quiet and sitting still were mandatory; caution and risk aversion were definitely encouraged.    

I don’t remember if they ever taught us Jesus’ parable of the Talents, but if they did it must have been interesting, because in it Jesus promotes proactivity, speculation, even a little risk taking.  Via a story of 3 men who invest their money in different ways, he reinforces the most frequently repeated instruction in the whole bible: can you guess what it is?  Simply “Do not be afraid”.  That’s right, Jesus gives us permission to be entrepeneurs and risk-takers in the work of his kingdom!

Join us at St Andrews as we reflect further on this: Sunday 16th June, at 10:30am.  58 High St, Auchterarder, or via Zoom 

Wednesday Evening

Currently at midweek Zoom we are exploring the 321 programme from Speak Life. Plus, of course, a chance to catch up, share our news, and pray. Join us: 8pm every Wednesday on Zoom