by StAndrews


We are currently a small congregation in Auchterarder who are undergoing something of a change! 

Take a look at the flyer below to find out more and please continue to check out this website as it develops.

You can find us at 58, High Street, down the alley to the right of Davidsons Chemist – double click on the map below to expand.

You are most welcome to join us!

Contact Details:  info@standrews-auchterarder.org.uk

Ever had FOMO? That’s Fear Of Missing Out – like when you don’t go on the work night out, and all anyone talks about for the next month is how good it was. “You’d have to have been there to believe it!”
When Jesus appeared to his friends on the first Easter day, disciple Thomas was not there, and he totally refused to believe that a man he’d recently seen executed had appeared, alive, in the middle of a locked room. Only when Jesus appeared to him too, a week later, did he declare “My Lord and my God!”
A lot of people today also discount the Easter story for lack of proof. In fact the evidence is much stronger than you might think, and has convinced many skeptics, once they took a close look. But the real proof comes when you dare to believe in the possibility, start a tentative conversation with God, and then see how your life changes!
This Sunday, 11 April, at 10:30 we’ll be looking more closely at Thomas, doubt and faith. 58 High St, Auchterarder, and via Zoom. For an invitation, please click the Message button, or email stew@friendlylion.net. We would love to see you.
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