by StAndrews

We are currently a small congregation in Auchterarder who are undergoing something of a change! 

Take a look at the flyer below to find out more and please continue to check out this website as it develops.

You can find us at 58, High Street, down the alley to the right of Davidsons Chemist – double click on the map below to expand.

You are most welcome to join us!

Contact Details:  info@standrews-auchterarder.org.uk

There’s an old African proverb: “If thine enemy wrongs thee, buy each of his children a drum”. Yup, sometimes a bit of old-fashioned, earthy shrewdness, captured in a succinct phrase just nails it!
Even so, it seems a bit odd to find a book of Proverbs in the middle of the bible. Nestled between the epic history of God’s interaction with mankind, fiery prophecy about the end of time, and the amazing story of Jesus, we find a short book, apparently filled with the kind of annoying things your granny used to quote at you.
But actually, in an age of over-hyped “How To Be Successful” books, this ancient wisdom provides some seasoned and proven answers to dealing with disappointments in life, managing difficult relationships, being a blessing to others, and finding happiness in the everyday things of life. All in all, not a bad foundation for the deeper spiritual pursuits.
This Sunday, 17 October, we’re taking a look at the book of Proverbs. Starting 10:30. We’re at 58 High St, Auchterarder, and via Zoom. For an invitation, please click the Message button, or email stew@friendlylion.net.
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