by StAndrews


We are currently a small congregation in Auchterarder who are undergoing something of a change! 

Take a look at the flyer below to find out more and please continue to check out this website as it develops.

You can find us at 58, High Street, down the alley to the right of Davidsons Chemist – double click on the map below to expand.

You are most welcome to join us!

Contact Details:  info@standrews-auchterarder.org.uk

They say “always tell the truth – even if you have to make it up”. How true! In these days of “my truth”, “your truth” and “post-truth”, whatever happened to THE truth? It’s like the Age of Reason never happened!
Well, it’s nothing new. Nearly 2000 years ago the apostle John wrote his second letter, in order to re-assert the truth about Jesus. Some people were saying he hadn’t been human at all, but some kind of supernatural avatar for God. As an eye witness and best friend, John refuted this fiercely.
In our consumer society, many people still adopt their own version of Jesus: revolutionary freedom fighter; gentle hippy with beard and sandals; otherworldly spiritual guru; whatever. It’s true he bears many aspects, but to meet the real Jesus we have to discover him, rather than define him. And that’s my truth!
This Sunday, 9 May, at 10:30 we continue our alphabetical journey through the bible with the second letter of John. 58 High St, Auchterarder, and via Zoom. For an invitation, please click the Message button, or email stew@friendlylion.net. We would love to see you.

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